SPC Lubricants: Accessibility At Your Fingertips

Whether you are a car maintenance rookie or a total pro, you are bound to understand how important it is to invest in good quality lubricants and oils. After all, they are quite literally what keeps your car moving. 

This is why Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) Lubricants, manufacturer of top-of-the-line oils and lubricants, are now offering their products on their official online stores on the following platforms: Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10

That is not all, you can even purchase a variety of servicing packages straight from their online stores! 

A One-stop Shop From The Comfort Of Your Home

The SPC Lubricants online stores offer a wide range of products that keep your car in peak condition. The products listed on their online stores include engine oils, brake fluids, transmission fluids, coolants, and servicing package vouchers.

Any Oil, Any Time

Engine oils are not one-size-fits-all, and each car has their own engine oil requirements, which you can check in your owner’s manual. Thankfully, SPC Lubricants has you covered no matter what vehicle you drive.

Their online store has a fantastic variety of oils to match each classification, from diesel engine oils and passenger car motor oils to even motorcycle oils. You are guaranteed to find one that is perfect for your car. 

Synthetic Or Mineral?

SPC Lubricants offers both mineral as well as synthetic oils on their online store. 

Mineral oils are made directly from crude oil, and perform well at high temperatures while also being more affordable than synthetic oils. 

However, due to their lower chemical stability, they are more at risk of oxidation compared to synthetic oils and are quicker to break down, which may result in compromised engine performance.

Synthetic oils , on the other hand, are chemically treated and refined. These refining processes remove impurities from the crude oil and enable molecules to be tailored specifically to the needs of modern vehicle engines.

While they are more pricey than regular mineral oil, they last longer, have better performance, and are more environmentally friendly.

SPC SYNACE is SPC Lubricants’ range of fully synthetic passenger car motor oils which are formulated specifically for Singapore’s driving conditions and are blended according to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. 

Servicing Packages

Scheduling a car servicing has never been easier with SPC Lubricants’ online servicing package vouchers. 

SPC Lubricants offers 5 different servicing packages curated to suit the servicing needs and requirements of every kind of car, and these can be purchased directly from any of their online stores on all three online marketplaces, as an alternative to their physical stores. 

You can redeem these servicing packages at any of the 10 SpeedyCare Auto Service Centres located within SPC Service Stations islandwide:

Image courtesy of SPC Lubricants

UCARS X SPC Lubricants

Of course, our team at UCARS had to sweeten the deal for our loyal customers. We are excited to be partnering with SPC Lubricants to give you $10 off your first purchase from the SPC Lubricants Shopee store!

All you have to do is leave a review on our car dealers or car models on UCARS, and you can get a $10 voucher code on the SPC Lubricants Shopee store.

SPC Lubricants: Bringing You Online Stores With More

SPC Lubricants online stores offer a 100% authenticity guarantee, next day delivery, and 15 day returns, so you can rest assured that every purchase from SPC Lubricants has your best interest in mind!

For more information about SPC Lubricants’ products, check out their online stores on Shopee, Lazada or Qoo10, their website, or their Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? To experience SPC Lubricants’ great service package deals for yourself, just grab your favourite service package voucher on any of SPC Lubricants’ online stores and make a SpeedyCare booking here today!

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