The Suzuki Xbee: A Kei SUV Exclusively On UCARS

Compact, cute, and hard to come by –  the Suzuki Xbee is a rare commodity in Singapore.

This may sound paradoxical, but the Xbee (pronounced ‘cross-bee’) is a very common Kei car in Japan. Yet, very few units of this adorable car have been brought to Singapore since its release in 2017.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to get a Kei car in Singapore, find out if the Suzuki Xbee is the right one for you – available exclusively on UCARS!

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Image Source: Carscoops

Those with a keen eye may recognise the Xbee as a facelifted Suzuki Hustler, the only Suzuki Kei car sold outside of Japan. It was introduced at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show as a “reference exhibit car”, but turned into a reality that very same year.

Suzuki Ignis Interior

A look at the Suzuki Ignis’ interior. Source: Carwow

The Xbee takes major inspiration from the Suzuki Ignis, with a resemblance in size and features – which we will discuss in a bit! Combining the Hustler’s design with the Ignis’ functionality seems to be a perfect fit.


Suzuki Xbee Top View Kei Car

Source: Suzuki Japan

The Xbee is no doubt small in size, yet has ample room for five (or all your belongings). This SUV is made with the intent of being a fuel-efficient alternative for the other SUVs available. With a boxy-look coupled with large ground clearance, it gives the Xbee a rugged look for an off-road-ready appearance.

Not only does it look the part, but it also plays the part.

The Xbee features a Snow Mode, which provides drivers with a more aggressive traction control to prevent the wheels from spinning out under slippery conditions. Not only that, the Grip Control Setting gives drivers increased autonomy in their throttle and braking response when driving through muddy terrains.

Of course, one should not forget the Hill Descent Control, which helps drivers navigate steep downhills by maintaining the Xbee’s speed at 7 km/h.


Suzuki Xbee Red Kei Car

Source: Suzuki Japan

Unlike conventional Kei cars with around 660cc engine capacity, the Xbee has a 1.0L engine that is accompanied by the Suzuki Hybrid Vehicle System. This mild hybrid system provides the Xbee additional assistance of an extra boost while reducing overall emissions. Because of this, the Xbee is able to conserve fuel better, thereby having improved fuel efficiency.

Though limited in engine capacity, the Xbee provides SUV lovers with a small and reliable alternative to conventional crossovers. If you are looking for a quirky and quaint SUV or Kei car in Singapore, the Suzuki Xbee may just be the vehicle for you.

Take a look at the Suzuki Xbee on UCARS today!

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