Toyama City: The City For Carriage Building

Toyama city lies in the outskirts of the bustling urban areas of Japan, and is well known for its picturesque views across the seasons. Amidst the peace and quiet, the clanging of tools on metals echoes through the mountainous plains of Toyama.

This quiet city houses the original Mitsuoka Motor factory – the tenth recognised car manufacturer in Japan. Today, Toyama is known as the city of carriage building – all thanks to Mitsuoka Motor’s reputation as a Japanese carriage manufacturer.


Source: Mitsuoka Motor

Toyama city houses the Northern Japan Alps and the Alpine Route, which are popular scenic spots in Japan. However, one of the most essential treasures of Toyama is the Mitsuoka Motor factory, which produces only one handcrafted car per day. The low-quantity automotive manufacturer was started in 1968 by automotive lover Susumu Mitsuoka, who wanted to integrate affordability and individuality into Japanese cars.


Mitsuoka makes cars from the chassis of Japanese cars with its uniquely designed car bodies. As carriage builders, Mitsuoka starts its designs from scratch, but retains the size fit of the original Japanese cars it builds on.

While style is important in designing a Mitsuoka car, so is functionality. Despite its quirky designs, the company holds true to its brand as a carriage builder that transports passengers without the compromise of comfort and safety. Accompanied by a spacious interior and thorough safety inspections, Mitsuoka models are built by hand with utmost care and craftsmanship put into every aspect of the car. Whether it is a customised interior or the final touches on the Mitsuoka logo, each Mitsuoka model is built to uniqueness and built to last.


Source: Mitsuoka Motor

A Mitsuoka car is never pre-made. Each car is built straight from the Mitsuoka Motor factory in Toyama city after an order is placed. As only one car is made per day, the attention to detail by every engineer in the factory can be guaranteed. Furthermore, this gives space for customisations tailored to your everyday needs, and you can be rest assured that every Mitsuoka car is created in the serendipitous landscapes of the Alps, ready to be shipped to your doorstep.


Source: Mitsuoka Motor

For those who wish to experience the craftsmanship of Mitsuoka, the manufacturer has held tours around its factory for special occasions. Though such opportunities do not come by often, lucky visitors from the past were given a full-fledged opportunity to observe the production process from start to finish. Additionally, you get to take in the stunning scenery of Toyama city, all while appreciating the meticulous work at the Mitsuoka Motor factory.

Even if one does not get to experience the beauty of Toyama city, owning a Mitsuoka embodies everything that Toyama stands for. The elegance and beauty of nature, as well as the personal connection between locals and visitors, are reflected in the production process of a Mitsuoka car.

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