10 Things Car Owners May Likely Do After Circuit Breaker Ends

The circuit breaker that has us staying in most of our waking hours have indefinitely ignited every drivers’ burning desire to feel the pedals beneath our feet and finally take the car out. Here is a list of 10 possible things car owners may likely do after the circuit breaker ends. Let us know if it resonates with you!

1. ‘Zeng’ Car

No more admiring possible new car decorations and modifications off the digital screen since you can now head to the workshops to get your car ‘zeng-ed’. Personalise your car just the way you like it.

Image Source: Jim on Cars

2. Head To IKEA

Singaporeans sure love IKEA’s meatballs and shopping the endless array and variety of furniture available. Remember how they flocked to IKEA just before the circuit breaker measures kicked in? I can only assume they would begin stockpiling furniture and satisfying their meatball craves again, who knows.

Image Source: Today Online

3. Visit Parks, Gardens And Nature Reserves

‘Fitspo’ can once again conveniently drive down to the parks and nature reserves to soak up vitamin D. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, East Coast Park… Who wouldn’t enjoy having a chill drive home after a tiring workout?

Image Source: Visit Singapore

4. Drive to Work

With the easing of circuit breaker regulations, the work-from-home life that you were getting used to and enjoying may return to its original state working on site. Well at least on the bright side, you can drive comfortably to work.

Image Source: Engage in Learning

5. Attend Car Roadshows

No more attending online virtual roadshows which does not garner you the satisfaction of being able to see and touch the cars live. Scour the internet for upcoming car events, you can now look forward to them.

Image Source: SPH

6. Rent Car Out

For drivers who have been renting out their cars to maximise its usage and supplement their income prior to the pandemic, you can gradually resume doing so just like the old times.

Image Source: The Motley Fool

7. Date Out At Cinemas

Ever so handy especially so when it comes to late nights at the cinema, catching a movie at any time of the day is such a luxury as you brush aside the woes of peak hour or midnight surcharges. Furthermore, MovieMob hosts roving drive-in pop-up cinemas occasionally, which you can watch in the comfort of your car!

Image Source: Visit Singapore

8. Send Friends And Significant Other Home

After a good catch up with your friends or a date out with your significant other, you can offer them a ride home (we know, sometimes obligingly). It will definitely put a smile on their faces and earn you extra brownie points. Quite a win-win deal.

Image Source: Giphy

9. Satisfy Bubble Tea Craves

Since the announcement of the temporary closure of bubble tea shops, it is evident that Singaporeans will go all out to get their hands on the beloved bubble tea. You can now readily zoom down to your favourite bubble tea shop and drink to your heart’s content.

Image Source: The Straits Times

10. Driving Around Singapore

From satisfying long-awaited cravings and clearing the to-dos, to spending time with loved ones, being able to utilise your car once again makes everything more convenient and chirpy. Any excuse to take your car out for a spin, even if it means driving to Jewel just because. We understand, we are drivers too.

Image Source: Giphy

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