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4 Car Clubs For The Stylish Singaporean

Ever seen a fleet of vintage cars and their owners gathered for a distinguished evening on the town? Then you might have caught a glimpse of Classic Car Club Singapore, a club for classic car lovers!

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They aren’t the only ones about the town however, with multiple communities popping up online and off. Whether its sharing tips on caring for their vehicles or showcasing the beautiful modifications made, one thing unites them – their love for cars. Some even extend their reach to the community with food drives.

We present some car clubs in Singapore for enthusiasts like you to be part of!

Classic Car Club Singapore

classic car club singapore

Image source: Classic Car Club Singapore Facebook

As the number of classic cars in Singapore increased, owners needed a community where they could come together to share passion and expertise on preserving these golden oldies for future generations. This club also strongly believes in giving back to the community, and has worked with various organisations like Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach and The Saturday Movement in support of migrant workers and seniors in our community. 

BMW Car Club Singapore

bmw car club singapore

Image source: BMW Car Club Singapore

The official BMW club is registered with BMW Clubs Asia and enjoys all the benefits that BMW Clubs get. Just like any car club, this one was also established to provide BMW owners the opportunity to get together with other enthusiasts over social activities that unite both the young and old over their common passion – cars. Membership in BMW Car Club Singapore grants you participation in all events and discounts at participating retail outlets.

Singapore EV Enthusiasts/Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore (EVAS)

singapore ev enthusiasts

Image source: Singapore EV Enthusiasts Facebook

Starting out on Facebook as an informal group to promote electric vehicles, a few members branched out to form the Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore in 2018.

Since then they have established themselves as a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the mass adoption of electric vehicles and the transition towards sustainable road transportation. They also aim to support all things EV-related in development and knowledge and hope to partner with the government in the creation and implementation of policies to promote the use of EVs in Singapore.

electric vehicle association singapore

Image source: Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore Facebook

EV weekend singapore

Jeep Owners Club Singapore (JOCS)

jeep owners club singapore

Image source: Jeep Singapore

The Jeep community is a thriving one with members frequently meeting up for events or just a meal together. In the days when driving your car across the border to our neighbour Malaysia was commonplace, the community once made the drive to Pahang where they could put these beasts to good use. Just like Classic Car Club Singapore, JOCS has also extended their reach to the community in support of disadvantaged youth and food drives.


As you can see, these enthusiasts may have come together over one common passion but many have expanded this initial uniting force to give back to the community as well, especially in times like these. Regardless of whether you own a car, it sure is a treat to catch these beauties on the roads and the work they do for the community!

Interested in joining these clubs? Get yourself a car on our Marketplace and you’ll be on your way to joining a community in no time!

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