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5 Instagram-worthy places to shoot your car

SINGAPORE – Ever seen a picture your friend posted or perhaps an article of a car with a picturesque background that gets you thinking – ‘Is that even in Singapore?’

Such places are commonly known as “Instagram-worthy” locations for automobiles. If you thought that this country has only this much to offer in unique locations to photograph your vehicle, then we prove otherwise here with 5 Instagram-worthy places to shoot your car. 

Dempsey Gravel Car park (behind Ah Di Dempsey Durian)5 Instagram-worthy places to shoot your car

Photos by Lawrence Loy

Formerly a nutmeg plantation in the 1850s and then repurposed as the military camp, Dempsey Hill has been through several transformations. This tranquil hideaway offers a trip back to the olden days with old school buildings surrounded by lush greenery.

The quiet, cosy spot makes a great backdrop should you seek a more rustic and old-school feel for your photos as if you have been transported back in time.

Dempsey Road
Singapore 249679

The Grandstand (Espzen Soccer School)

5 Instagram-worthy places to shoot your car

Also known as the Old Turf Club might not have run horse races for 62 years, but it’s still an impressive sight. Wide, open spaces and the backdrop of the grandstand itself make for a distinctly un-Singaporean place to shoot your ride.

Although it has been through extensive upgrading over the past fifty years, the basic structure remains unaltered. Currently home to Espzen soccer school, there is a mix of sporty backgrounds to make your wheels pop.

200 Turf Club Rd
Singapore 287994

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People’s Park Complex (Chinatown)

5 Instagram-worthy places to shoot your car

On the rooftop carpark of People’s Park Complex, not only do you get a great view of the city skyscrapers, but you can also snap the grungy yellow building that is a popular photo spot. Pick a time between five and six in the evening, and you might get that perfect moment which would make all your mates envious.

1 Park Rd
Singapore 059108

Gardens by the Bay car park (The Meadow car park)

Gardens By The Bay needs no introduction, but the award-winning, internationally-famous futuristic park makes for an eye-catching backdrop, especially if you’ve got a ride to match the theme.

My recommendation is to get there an hour or two before sunset to find your favourite angle of the trees and plan your shot. You might want to avoid the weekends as there are lots of people who might ruin your pictures!

18 Marina Gardens Dr
Singapore 018953

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Seletar Club Road

Ever wanted to be like Tom Cruise in one of his ‘Mission Impossible’ films? Head down to Seletar Club Road for a great approach shot of an aeroplane.

Situated along the stretch before Seletar Country Club, you can find yourself overlooking the lush green of the golf course. If lady luck is on your side, you might be able to capture an aeroplane in your shot, apart from basking in the serenity of the atmosphere – clear skies, breezy air, and a great view.

The roads are generally uncrowded as most visitors are members of the country club. You might find a couple of cyclists during the day and towards the evening, but generally, it’s easy to find an empty road and clear skies.

101 Seletar Club Road
Singapore 798273

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