The Best Cars For The Elderly And Disabled

With the rapid development of new technologies in car design, there is a car out there to suit every driver and passenger these days. This includes cars specifically suited for people who would find choosing a car a difficult endeavour in the past, such as the elderly or disabled, giving them the independence of driving for themselves, or the comfort of riding in a car that is accessible enough for them. 

Cars for disabled or elderly drivers and passengers need to check the boxes in three key areas: comfort, accessibility, and ease of driving If you are looking for a car that accommodates the specific needs of the elderly or disabled, read on for a list of our top picks that fulfil this criteria and more.

Maxus G10 Executive MPV

Image source: Maxus

The Maxus G10 Executive MPV is a giant among cars made for those with special accessibility needs. Literally. At 5,168mm x 1,980mm x 1,928mm (L x W x H), this 7-seater MPV dwarfs most other vehicles. Do not let its intimidating size fool you, however. It is one of our top choices for vehicles suited for the elderly and disabled because of just how roomy and accessible it is.

This vehicle is a great choice for transporting wheelchair-bound passengers or those with limited mobility as there are large doors and ample cabin space. There is also a motorised swivel chair whereby the passenger can transit from wheelchair onto the swivel chair for easy vehicle access. This swivel chair can also be lowered to the height of the wheelchair, making wheelchair-to-seat transfer a breeze.

Honda Odyssey

Image source: Car and Driver

Honda’s well-loved Odyssey is more than just a favourite vehicle for large families. Its affordability, large size, and the plethora of technological features suited for physically challenged passengers make it a great option if you are looking for a super accessible and affordable vehicle.

The highlight of this car is its removable front seats that accommodate wheelchairs, as well as the built-in fold-out ramp. The high cabin ceiling height also ensures that wheelchair-bound passengers enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride in one of these award-winning vehicles.

Browse the Honda Odyssey on the UCARS marketplace here.

Subaru Forrester

Image source: CarsGuide

The Subaru Forrester is a match made in heaven for older drivers. This SUV is surprisingly easy to get in and out of, meaning that accessing the Forrester is gentle on the knees and backs of elderly drivers and passengers. Its large windows and thin pillars, as well as its rearview camera, give those with limited eyesight much better visibility while on the road. It also has a plush interior and is easy to drive with simple controls that do not require a tech genius to manoeuvre.

The Forrester also comes with ample safety features which keep drivers alert and safe on the road such as the Eyesight Safety System which includes lane keeps assist, blind-spot detection, pre-collision braking and lane departure warning.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Image source: Carscoops

The Dodge Grand Caravan was specifically built to suit the needs of disabled drivers and passengers. It has a built-in fold-out ramp as well as a wheelchair support system which keeps wheelchair-bound passengers secure. With wide sliding doors, seemingly endless cabin space and a foldable third row of seats, the Grand Caravan can accommodate disabled passengers and their wheelchairs with ample room to spare. 

This vehicle does not skimp out on safety features either, with both a power driver’s seat to make transitions to and from wheelchairs easy, and power door locks that keep drivers and passengers alike secure. There is also a cruise control system and a panic alarm in the event of any emergency on the road.

Renault Kangoo

Image source: Yahoo! News Singapore

The Renault Kangoo is an immensely popular wheelchair-friendly vehicle. Its main draw is that its wheelchair loading system does away with the tedious process of loading a wheelchair manually which usually needs more than one person to accomplish. With the system, a single individual can load the wheelchair by themselves. Once loaded into the cabin, the vehicle’s plethora of other wheelchair-securing features come into place. 

The high cabin height and good amount of cabin space makes commuting comfortable. A number of safety belts and straps secure the wheelchair in place while a seatbelt cutter can be found near the left rear window should the passenger need to cut themselves out in an emergency.

Find the Renault Kangoo on the UCARS marketplace here.

Choosing a vehicle for specific needs

When it comes to choosing a vehicle for disabled or elderly passengers or drivers, be sure to identify the specific needs of said passenger or driver and then cross-check it thoroughly with the features of the car to make sure that all of these needs are met. As with choosing a vehicle for any specific lifestyle, remember to prioritise their needs, as safety features should come first before any aesthetic choices. (Related story: The Top 5 Family-friendly Cars in Singapore)

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