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Best Manual Transmission Cars: 2020 Edition

When was the last time you drove a manual transmission car? For many, manual cars in Singapore only exist for driving lessons and tests. Nevertheless, some individuals are in love with manual cars due to the better control and the sporty-feel when you drive.

Though rarely seen in Singapore, dealers are still actively bringing in manual transmission cars for car enthusiasts. Here are our picks for the best manual transmission cars of 2020!


Hyundai i30N. Source: Carbuyer Singapore

Packed with a 250HP 2.0L turbo engine and six different driving modes, the manual-only Hyundai i30N provides drivers a sporty appearance and performance for a fun ride at a reasonable price. The i30N also has its Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS) to give you the ultimate drive control without compromising comfort.


BMW M2 Competition. Source: Carbuyer Singapore

The BMW M2 Series allows you to choose between automatic or manual transmission mode with just a pull of a lever. Both the M2 Competition and the M240i Coup├ę come complete with sport steering and a full black leather interior, accompanied by quality German engineering you can trust.


Honda Civic Type-R. Source: Honda Singapore

Looking for a manual car suitable for your insatiable hunger for a thrilling ride? The Honda Civic Type-R is here! Powered by a 2.0L turbo and reaching top speeds of up to 268 km/h, this JDM is sure to fulfil your Initial-D drifting fantasies. The 2020 facelifted Civic Type-R comes with enhanced cornering stability, steering response and driver-assistance technology for an improved track performance.


Source: CAR Magazine

Lush, lightweight, and luxurious – The 718 Cayman GT4 is here to steal the show with its six-speed manual transmission and Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) for the best dynamic performance. Despite its extremely exhilarating 4.5-second sprint, the Cayman is equipped with a six-piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake caliper that strengthens its brake system, giving you the safety assurance that you need. And of course, how could anyone forget the signature Alcantara┬« and leather interior blend to provide drivers with maximum comfort.

Even though manual cars are not as common on the roads as they used to be, there is no doubt that manual transmission cars are still admired amongst automobile lovers in Singapore. Like these petrolheads, we look forward to even more releases of manual cars in Singapore in 2021!


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