Best SUVs In Singapore You Should Consider for 2021

With the ever-changing automotive landscape in Singapore, more and more consumers are gravitating toward larger SUVs as their daily drivers. Many buyers opt for SUVs because of the increased storage space offered in a crossover, or because of the raised ride height and spacious interiors in these cars. Thankfully there is a wide range of cars for sale for consumers looking into this niche.

We’ve covered the best 7-seater SUVs Singapore has on sale in another article. But for people who want smaller alternatives, we’ve compiled another list for you. So, with that out of the way, here are some of the best SUVs money can get you.

Toyota Harrier

Now, adding the Toyota Harrier is a no brainer. It’s quite good looking, stylish, it has a large boot out the back (with an automated tailgate I might add), and the interior looks fantastic. In the early days, the Toyota Harrier and Lexus RX were essentially the same cars. Today, the only thing shared between the two is the Toyota K platform.

Under the skin, the harrier shares many components with the Toyota RAV4, but it is a more luxurious alternative compared to the rugged off-roader. The Harrier is offered in both a 2.0L and 2.5L. Hybrid models of the new Harrier use the same 2.5L A25A engine you find in a Camry or a RAV4. But whichever model you choose, the Harrier has loads to offer. We’ve even reviewed Toyota Harrier Hybrid here, so check it out if you’d like to find out more.

Image Source: American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Honda Vezel/ Honda HR-V

Honda has come a long way since they expanded their SUV fleet to include the subcompact HR-V. Or Vezel. The first HR-V was produced from 1998 to 2006. But after a decade long hiatus, Honda revealed their new one. And it was hugely popular. Competitively priced, well equipped, and favoured by many PHV drivers for its space and comfort. The Honda Vezel is one of the most versatile cars on the market today. And Honda is set to start production of a new variant of the HR-V.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is quite a unique offering from the famed German brand. It’s not often that you’d find a 7-seater SUV that shares its underpinnings with a hatchback. But here we are. This baby Benz SUV offers much in the way of comfort and refinement while offering a spacious boot and configurable back seats to suit anyone’s storage needs. It’s a classy luxurious car that draws its design traits from larger Mercedes SUVs, but with a range of frugal but powerful engines that make this car a desirable option. Check out our Mercedes GLB 200 AMG-Line review for our verdict.


Mazda CX-5

Mazda has a few crossovers in its range. The CX-9, the compact CX-30 (not to be confused with the CX-3), and this CX-5. This crossover adopts Mazda’s design language, which gives it more curvaceous flowing lines that give the car more character and poise. The cabin of the car is suitably posh, rivalling that of some continental cars even. The car’s platform and drivetrain provide more than adequate performance while retaining its spaciousness and practicality. And, if you need further proof of the CX-5 platform’s versatility, the new 7-seater Mazda CX-8 actually shares its underpinnings as this CX-5. So if you need to carry an additional 2 people, the CX-8 would be another great alternative.

Image Source: 2021 Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Porsche Cayenne

Now, this list is about the best SUVs in Singapore, it never mentioned that the best could be expensive. And that’s why we’ve taken the liberty of including the Porsche Cayenne in here. But bear with us for a second.
Earlier generations of the Porsche Cayenne were labelled ‘ugly’ by consumers. Like a 911 backed into a barn or a shed. But in the newer generations, Porsche has refined that design and turned int Cayenne into something really desirable. A luxurious off-roader that can handle some terrain work, drives like a dream on city streets and handles like a proper sports car on a track. Most Cayenne models are offered with V6 engines, with power ranging from 335 to 434 horsepower. That’s brisk. Take it a notch higher, and you could get a twin-turbo V8 under the hood. These are fast Porsches that just happen to have a massive boot and automatic tailgate.

Image Source: Volvo Car Corporation

Volvo XC-60

The Volvo XC-60. You might be thinking, why isn’t the XC-90 a part of this list. Firstly, we’ve covered that in our previous article on 7-seater SUVs on the market (Which you can check out by clicking here). Secondly, the Volvo XC-60 is a very capable SUV in its own right. Though it lacks the 7-seater arrangement as its larger sibling, it still offers many of the same refinements and luxury you get in the XC-90. And it still looks rather handsome. Maybe even more so than its sibling.

Nissan Kicks e-Power

The Nissan Kicks may be an electrified b-segment crossover, but it still has loads of room for storage, a spacious airy cabin and at the very core, it is still an SUV. But delving into these details isn’t the key winning feature of the car. That’ll be the unique e-Power drivetrain.

An internal combustion engine as a generator, a tiny battery, and an electric motor from a Nissan Leaf that produces 128 horsepower. All power from the motor is sent to the wheels direct. There is no physical connection from the small 1.2L engine to the front wheels.

Might not sound impressive, the benefit of this series hybrid is the instant torque you get when you put your foot down. All 260Nm of it, at the drop of a hat. We’ve reviewed the Nissan Kicks e-Power here, but to this day, it remains one of the most impressive and fun SUVs we’ve driven.

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