The Best YouTube Channels For Car Enthusiasts

Bored at home during the weekends, or during your daily commute? Why not check out some videos for the automobile enthusiast in you to kill time, get entertained, and even learn about the nitty gritty of how cars work?

Take a look at our recommendations for the best automotive YouTube channels catered to every car lover – experts and newbies welcomed. Click on their name to visit their channel!


Carfection provides Road Reviews for the newest luxury car releases globally, as well as content for Formula 1 enthusiasts. Not only that, Carfection also provides first-look reviews on the latest exotic cars that are extremely hard to come by. Check out one of our favourite videos from them!


Looking for a channel to help you with car comparison? Introducing carwow, a channel focused on comparing different car makes for different needs. Whether you are searching for the best car for off-road terrains or the best electric car, carwow has the information you need to make an informed decision before you purchase your next car.


Are you a classic car lover? If so, Petrolicious is definitely the channel for you! This channel is catered to classic car fanatics of various makes and models; whether you are a fan of vintage Ferraris or old Japanese car makes, Petrolicious has beautifully shot videos showcasing the look, feel, and history of different classic cars. 


If you are a gearhead, Donut Media is a must-watch for you! Regardless of your preference of JDMs or American muscle cars, Donut Media publishes content six days a week for everyone. With a quirky and vibrant cast, there are shows on automotive history, car reviews, and even the science behind how cars work.


Is your car in need of fixing? As the channel name suggests, ChrisFix provides you with a wide collection of videos on how to fix your car right in your backyard (or in our case, your nearby multi-storey car park). If you need a fluid change or tips on repainting your car, ChrisFix has got your back with their comprehensive step-by-step videos on how to get your ride all fixed up.


Even if you cannot afford the time to modify your own JDM, there is no harm in watching the most unique modifications on JDMs such as the AE86 Corolla or the Honda Civic. Furthermore, if you are interested in taking a look at cross-country roadtrips to plan for your next trip, Gears and Gasoline has a series on testing the limits of various cars in taking on long drives across borders.


Hosted by Matt Farah, TheSmokingTire provides unfiltered car reviews and automotive adventures for those who love a unique and relatable experience through the automotive industry. If you need some background infotainment while busy with your work, they also have a podcast known as ‘TheSmokingTirePodcast’ hosted by various experts in the industry.


Our partners over at CarBuyer Singapore don’t just publish the latest and greatest in the automotive world. On their very own YouTube channel they keep you up to date with reviews the hottest cars to land on our shores!




Did you know that we have our own YouTube channel as well? UCARS has content on the local automotive scene, with the latest launches and promotions in Singapore. We even have tips and tricks for car enthusiasts like yourself!


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