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A Guide To Making Your Car Baby-Friendly

Travelling with an infant or a young child in your car from point A to B will never be like those days of carefree driving anymore. However, making your car baby-friendly need not mean an upgrade to a minivan as there are tips and gadgets on the market to give your current ride a kid-friendly makeover. Read on to pick up a trick or two!

Car Seat

Image Source: Instructables

Placing babies or kids in car seats is by now common knowledge as it keeps them securely buckled up. It is essential to make certain that the car seat is of the correct size for your child and that the seat is properly installed.

The car seat should never be placed in the front seat, but in the back, to protect your child from the airbags. Newborns who are securely fastened in the car seat should be placed in a rear-facing position in the backseat.

It is highly recommended to always purchase a new car seat and avoid a second-hand one, as hand-me-downs have sustained wear and tear.

Tip: Singapore’s Road Traffic Act mandates that anyone below the height of 1.35m will have to be secured with an appropriate restraint, booster seat or adjustable seatbelt.

Block Out The Sun

Image Source: Car window shades

Although windshields are treated to block UVA rays, the side and back windows are not. This makes tinting your window or utilising stick-on sunshades useful. The sun rays that fall directly on your child in the car seat will not only result in great discomfort, it is terribly painful for the eyes to be kept open.

When it comes to getting your windows tinted, ensure that they are compliant with OneMotoring’s regulations.

Baby Gears

Image Source: Amazon

All distractions should be ditched while driving on the road, especially with a baby. Keep the young entertained with a few of their favourite toys or even your smart tablet to watch educational programs.

While these serve as a distraction to keep them engaged, it is best to avoid giving them an object that poses a possible danger, as it would distract and panic the driver.

Tip: Installing a two-way mirror for the placement of rear-facing car seats will allow you to keep an eye on your child from time to time – but do not be too engrossed in admiring the little one!

Baby Care Kit

Image Source: The Mom Friend

Never forget to pack some baby essentials such as a milk bottle and milk powder, thermal flask, wet wipes, extra diapers, changing pads and clean clothes, ready in your car.

Be sure to also have a stroller ready if you will be spending some time out.

Keep Organised And Clean

Image Source: To Become Mum

Although it may be difficult to find the time and energy, it is important to have the car cleaned out, especially since the young put almost anything in their mouths.

Remove unnecessary items which may act as falling hazards. Cleaning the car not only keeps pests out, you will be able to find your items easily and store baby gears in a breeze!

Protect The Interior

Image Source: Simon Lucas Mitsubishi

As frequent travelling with your baby in a car seat will result in scratches on the leather seats, it is ideal to protect the leather by installing seat covers. Opt for seat cover materials such as neoprene, which are durable and soft, and stains can be easily removed.

Do not forget about the floors while you are at it. Whether it is sand or mud or even baby spills, floor mats come in handy in protecting your vehicle’s floors.

Tip: Floor mats are great for transporting baby strollers, playpens or other equipment too.

Ride Safer

Now that your car is adequately decked for a baby-friendly ride, you should take some time to look into the insurance coverage for a greater peace of mind. Speak to your insurer to help you determine the changes to be made.

Always practice good driving habits and never leave your child alone in the car unattended.


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