Inside Singapore’s Car Culture: Car Clubs In Singapore

You may have seen fleets of Lamborghinis cruising along the roads, or a crew of heavily modified Japanese cars in Singapore. These are snippets of Singapore’s little known car culture, where gearheads come together in car clubs and share their love for various car makes and the magic behind automobiles.

Today, we take a look at Singapore’s car clubs to explore the hidden side of our local automotive scene.


Source: Mustang Owners Club Singapore (Instagram)

Depending on who you ask, the responses vary a lot. However, one thing is for sure – car club members are out to continually fuel and share their love for their cars.

Car clubs have existed even before the boom of car forums, and have grown exponentially over the past decade. The community is made of friends who wish to discuss their cars on a regular basis, car owners who want to share their love for specific car models, or both!


Source: MyCarForum

Individuals in more established car clubs would tell you that they are always out to extend a helping hand, and ask each other for tips pertaining to their cars. Besides the usual coffee and car chats, car club members treat each other like family, and even bring their families out for gatherings!

As of late, car club culture has seen a shift towards social media-geared initiatives. Newer clubs focus on helping with creating Instagram worthy pictures and getting the best modifications for their cars to improve their performance and aesthetics.

Source: Jeep Singapore (Instagram)

A notable car club would be Jeep Singapore, which organises weekly volunteering at Willing Hearts Singapore by delivering food to the needy islandwide on Saturdays through the circuit breaker during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Before the rise of Facebook and Instagram, car forums was the place for automobile lovers to have car-related discussions and form their casual meet-ups in Singapore. Pioneering car club meetups at Turf City (now known as The Grandstand) and the Bishan Golf Driving Range were good for car owners to catch up, talk about their cars, or even arrange a drive across the border for some Malaysian food.

Source: nosleepcrewsg (Instagram)

Today, we have a collection of Instagram pages dedicated to different car clubs across the country. From continental car-make centric clubs to JDM lovers, these car clubs revolve around professional car photography and getting their car to look as personalised as possible. Regardless if they are budding or long-time car enthusiasts, the basis of car clubs in Singapore still boils down to car owners’ desire to share their love towards cars.

Even though car clubs in Singapore are not as well known as sports clubs, its presence is still prominent, and reflects the vibrant automotive scene in Singapore. Most importantly, it shows the unique car culture that believes in strong familial ties, all bonded together by the love for the automobile.

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