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Car Modifications That Are Actually Worth Your Money

We have all seen them – vehicle owners who cannot stop at just those few modifications. Indeed, car modifications bring joy, and sometimes, greater performance for us. However, with the numerous types of modifications one can do, even for the littlest detail, unfortunately many of them are really just for show and do not improve our lives, in a technical way.

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With that being said, we bring you the list of car modifications that are actually worth your buck.


Image Source: AutoInfluence

Getting a good set of high-performance tyres will help every aspect of your car’s performance, be it accelerating, cornering or braking. Though having upsized wheels exude some sort of ‘ferociousness’,  the wheel size is not everything.

It is advisable to increase your wheel size by 1-inch from its standard size. A tyre modification will enhance stability and control at high speeds, given that the added weight makes the car feel more planted on the roads.

Tip: An increase by more than 1-inch of the standard rim will result in a significant change in fuel consumption.

To choose the right wheel fit for your car, do a search on the car forums on wheel size modification that is specific to your vehicle. That way, you can learn from others’ mistakes and advice.

Brake Pads & Lines

Image Source: Driven 2 Automotive

Brake pads provide the friction to slow or stop your vehicle, making them a key brake part as they are the component that interacts with the brake rotors. Given the immense pressure that brake pads undergo for you to stop or slow down, getting the right set of brake pads to suit your driving is essential.

Opting for stainless steel brake lines will also allow you to experience a smoother and more sensitive control of the brakes beneath your feet.


Image Source: Turnology

Coilovers are a type of suspension that lowers your car while providing you added handling and stability, even at great speeds. The set of absorbers could even save a life when engaging in an emergency brake or changing lanes to avoid hitting another object or vehicle.

Not only do coilovers make your car look good with a lowered height, it increases safety with a lowered center of gravity.

Limited Slip-Differential

Image Source: Car Throttle

A limited slip allows both wheels to move at the same speed when accelerating. It is the most reliable method of enabling your car to move faster through straight lines or curves.

Quality Race Seats And Harnesses

Image Source: Instamotor

Being securely nested in a comfortable yet supportive seat will garner you to effortlessly keep your body in place while driving, especially at turns and when you hit the brakes.

You will be impressed with the obvious difference a quality seat can do – aiding you in making quick adjustments to the steering, accelerator and brake.

Stripped-Down Interior

Image Source: Barebones

Baring your interior to its core can help remove the ‘excess’ weight, which directly improves the handling of your vehicle. What’s more, a reduced weight translates to lesser wear and tear on your tyres and brake pads too.

Shorter Shifter

Having a shorter shifter will reduce the shift times and make your drive a more enjoyable one. This means that you will be able to complete faster shifts with lesser arm movements. Furthermore, it offers less wear and tear by reducing shift fork damage.


Image Source: AutoGuide

More than just enhancing (or worsening) the look of your car, spoilers actually play an important role in adding downforce and improving traction. With spoilers, our vehicles are made more aerodynamic by ‘breaking’ the turbulent air movements around the car.

Similarly, size is not everything as a ridiculously large spoiler will not only add unnecessary downforce and increase fuel consumption, it will end up creating drag and slow down the vehicle. To make things worse, you will look rather silly with a spoiler that appears unmatching and unsuitable.

Avoid Cheap Or Universal Mods

Car enthusiasts usually have the need for speed, and this means improving on three vehicle dynamics principles – handling, braking and acceleration. Never cheap out on your car modifications as cheap universal sets could do more harm than good, and it determines how well you will be able to realise the actual improvements to your car.

Learning to drive properly and handling your car well is the first step before you get involved in any car modification. To ensure that your modifications work in harmony while you are on the road, it is best for you to do some planning before hitting the workshops. 

After all, you are the one deciding what modification to do or if your car requires any. P.S. Pay attention to your car modifications as it affects your car’s insurance coverage too!

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