Top 5 Cheapest Cars In Singapore Under $10,000

Thinking about buying a car without spending a bomb? Second-hand cars might be a great solution for the budget-conscious. If you are going to be travelling a lot in the next 6 months or need a mobile workstation for your business, perhaps these cars might solve your transportation and logistical requirements for less than $10,000. Fret not, 7 seater options are available to rally your friends for supper nights too. Here are some of the cheapest cars that you can buy on our platform.

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6A (COE til 03/2022) – $8,888

Living to its high standards of reliability and fuel efficiency, the ninth generation of the Corolla Altis flew off the shelves when it was released in 2006. For $8,888, the Corolla Altis offers great value with its  1.6-litre engine with 108 horsepower and 4-speed automatic transmission. A safe and easy choice for the average daily driver looking for a car to get from point A to point B.

Honda Civic 1.6A VTi (COE til 09/2021) – $8,838

The eighth-generation Honda Civic was the most successful model Civic sold in Singapore, with Kah Motor Singapore selling almost 17,000 units. The Civic was adored by tuner fanatics, with many of them ready to get their hands on these cars to customise them. The sturdy 1.6-litre i-VTEC engine produces 125 horsepower, making it great for people looking for the best blend of fuel-saving and power. If you are looking for a midsize 4-door sedan that is highly reputable and reliable, the Honda Civic fits the profile and delivers a great driving experience for less than $10,000.

Mitsubishi Lancer GLX (COE til 01/2022) – $7,800

Inspired by its rally roots from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9, the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX was built based on Mitsubishi’s CS2A–CS9W platform. Manual transmission enthusiasts, we hear you. This Lancer GLX comes equipped with a powerful and responsive 1.6-litre inline 4-cylinder engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The LTA approved drift racing exhaust adds to the sportiness when accelerating to overtake someone. A sports spoiler and matte black wrap complete the look for a sporty sedan of the 2000s.

Toyota Wish 1.8A (COE till 01/2022) – $8,500

The Toyota Wish is a Japanese MPV that burst into our market rather successfully, frequently seen within the Top 5 on the 30 bestseller list each month in 2003. In Singapore, the Wish lives to its expectation of being the most popular, fuel-saving 7 seater MPV for families and daily runarounds. Its 1.8-litre engine gives the driver responsive acceleration, along with seamless gear changes from the 4-speed automatic transmission. Flexible interior layouts with fold-down rear seats increase the boot space for larger items, fit for the active family driver.

Toyota Picnic 2.0A (COE till 08/2021) – $4,800

The Toyota Picnic is one of the most misunderstood cars in the automotive industry. When the first generation Picnic debuted, the car raised eyebrows. However, that all changed when the second generation Picnic came out. Featuring a 2.0-litre engine, an enlarged wheelbase, rear air conditioning vents, and room for seven seats. The seats can be pushed forward and laid flat for unlimited configurations to fit your needs. This was the ultimate family vehicle throughout its production run during the 2000s.

There you have it—five cars below $10,000! Which of the following cars would you consider?

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