What You Should Consider Before Using A Car Freshener

Even if we do our regular car washes and interior cleaning, we are bound to have unpleasant-smelling cabins from time to time –  from that spilled drink or burger bits under the backseat. Fortunately, car fresheners are here to save you from the haunting odour!

However, before we quickly decide to use a car freshener, here are some things to consider:

Car Freshener Type

Various types of car fresheners are available on the market, ranging from sticky gel, vent sticks, oil wicks, to plug ins. To determine which type of freshener is suitable for your vehicle, it is good to understand how they work.

Listing the commonly found air freshener types:

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  • Can-style air freshener –  Consists of a scented gel inside a lightweight can, that is usually made of plastic or metal with holes on the lids. To control the amount of scent that escapes the can, the holes on the can can be adjusted wider or narrower.

Can-style air fresheners are simple to use and can be placed anywhere, but requires adequate airflow to experience the most of its effect.

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  • Oil wick-style air freshener –  Usually in a glass or plastic bottle filled with scented vaporising oil, the bottle has a clip to have it attached to the vent of the aircon. The cold air from the vent will then vaporise and the scent will be spreaded in the car.

Highly effective and easy to use, oil wick-style air fresheners are generally the most expensive type of fresheners as compared to the other types.

  • Scented cardboard hanging-style air freshener –  With a string attached to the scented cardboard piece, the hanging style air fresheners are usually hung on the rear-view mirror. Similarly, the air that reaches the cardboard helps to release the fragrance.

Relatively effective, depending on how long it lasts, scented cardboard hanging-style air fresheners are the cheapest and most commonly used. As with the hanging-style, these air fresheners should not be placed on surfaces, such as the dashboard, as it could damage the material.

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  • Aerosol spray-style air freshener – Sharing the same functions as room freshener sprays, aerosol sprays can quickly solve almost any odour business.

Unfortunately, the effects of aerosol spray-style air fresheners are not as long-lasting and the tiny spray droplets will leave slight deposits on the car surfaces, which are unsightly – but can be cleaned off.

The Kind Of Fragrance

The numerous types of car fresheners also come with a handful of fragrance to choose from. When it comes to deciding the kind of scent you would like for your car, it is based on personal preferences and opinions. Certain scents can help with car-sickness, such as strong-smelling fragrances, while others may result in an allergic reaction.

If you are torn between a few different fragrances, you can read reviews online or simply take the leap of faith and try the scent out.

Tip: It is beneficial to take into consideration selecting a neutral fragrance, so that passengers generally like it, how long the scent lasts and customers’ reviews. You can also try out seasonal fragrances which can bring out the seasons’ jolly vibes.

Cost Of Car Air Fresheners

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Although car fresheners are generally relatively inexpensive, the price point is what drivers look at when it comes to purchasing one. It is not advisable to buy one just because it is cheap, as it is essential to focus on how long it will last.

A cheaper air freshener may also mean that it is less effective and sustainable as compared to one that is pricier. However, an expensive one does not necessarily mean it is the best either. We would recommend going for safe options by looking up the reviews, or setting a budget that you are comfortable with before shopping for car fresheners.

Freshener Ingredients: What’s Inside It?

Just like how we should take note of the contents and nutritional values on food packaging for what we are consuming, the same should go for car air fresheners as the scent is what we are inhaling into our lungs. While car fresheners effectively do their jobs and smell really pleasant, the chemicals and artificial fragrance used to create the product can be harmful to us, even if they claim to be safe.

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Though to be fair, sometimes we do not know what actually goes into the food that we are consuming, the same can be said for car air freshener. To tackle this, a safer and cost-effective alternative to keeping your car fresh-smelling would be to make your own non-toxic air fresheners, use charcoal air purifier, essential oils or portable diffusers.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your car fresh-smelling and clean is important as it not only affects your mood on the road, it creates a first impression of you for your passengers. Nobody will want to enter a car that smells filthy, which will reflect negatively on your personal hygiene. The simple way of keeping out odours in your enclosed car cabin is to keep food out and to air it whenever food is involved.

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With that said, it is recommended to opt for a car freshener that is light on the nose and does not make one feel exhausted smelling it. Lastly, although inhaling small amounts of the mood-lifting car air freshener scent on your daily drives should not be too detrimental, it is good to pay attention to the contents that go into making the product.

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