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Coronavirus And Cars: Answering Your Commonly Asked Questions

The COVID-19 outbreak has growing and lasting impacts on the global economy, with the automotive industry enduring the greatest blow. Like all affected businesses, carmakers scurry to the only option left – digital commerce. As we continue with our daily lives cooped up at home, we bring you the answers to your commonly asked questions regarding your car during this circuit breaker.

1. Can I book a Grab or taxi?

Yes. As bookings for rides are done via the application, customers’ details are recorded and can be used for contact tracing if required.

2. Can I go for a drive for leisure reasons, or take a road trip?

As much as we yearn to drive out leisurely, we are NOT allowed to do so. However, we can make trips to the supermarket and engage in essential services such as buying food or visiting the doctor.

3. Can I go to a petrol station?

Yes. Engaging in essential trips out with our car will require periodic top-up before our fuel tank empties. Petrol prices that have fallen below $2 a litre are the cherries on top (accurate as of 12 May).

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4. Can I have a passenger in my car’s front seat?

Yes, as long as the passenger lives in the same household as you or if you are a cab driver.

5. Can I still get my car serviced or repaired?

Yes. Car workshops are considered essential and are still in operation so you do not need to worry if your vehicle requires urgent attention. Be sure to call in for an appointment before visiting.

6. Can I take a car for a test drive?

Yes, only if the dealership provides contactless test drives.

7. How do I properly clean my car?

Be sure to step up on your car cleaning game during this period so that it remains squeaky clean and in good shape.

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8. Can I purchase a used car?

Yes. Although showrooms are closed, online dealers like ourselves are here for you. Our marketplace helps you get the best deals, make the right decision and save money! Browse our finest collection of quality cars at your fingertips or schedule a live video call session with us on UCARS. Do note that the purchased vehicle can only be handed to you after 1 June.

Other than enjoying the cessation of ERP charges and extended car park grace period on your essential drive out, payment for road taxes and late fees still apply. You may continue to use OneMotoring’s online services to do so. Drivers whose vehicles are due for periodic inspections during the circuit breaker including taxis and private hire cars, are to proceed with it.

Lastly, always remember to wear your mask and adhere to social distancing measures while you are out. We are halfway through the extended circuit breaker and going strong, hang in there!

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