The Best Credit Cards For Petrol Discounts In 2020

Owning a car in Singapore is relatively expensive. Though nothing is better than the affordable pump stations across the causeway, having a credit card that gives you fuel savings can help reduce your monthly petrol spendings. Furthermore, you could enjoy additional perks as you spend with the ‘right’ card that best suits your lifestyle too. 

Read on to find the right card as we bring you a list of the best credit cards for petrol discounts at various stations!

Caltex – OCBC 365 Credit Card

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The OCBC 365 credit card has plenty of rewards for cardholders when it comes to everyday spendings, with 6% cashback for dining and 3% cashback for groceries and utilities. At Caltex, OCBC 365 cardholders get to enjoy up to 22.1% fuel savings, including an 18% instant discount for all fuel.

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From 26 June to 26 July 2020, for every valid payment transaction done using the CaltexGo payment application, Caltex will be pumping in $3 into the Caltex Fuel Your School program in partnership with Science Centre Singapore. 

If you are not near a Caltex pump station, fret not as you will still enjoy savings of 5% cashback on fuel spending for all other petrol kiosks.

P.S. The OCBC 365 credit card also rewards you 20.2% fuel savings at Esso!

Esso – DBS Esso Card

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The credit card name says it all, the DBS Esso card grants you up to 21.2% fuel savings along with 2.4% Smiles savings at Esso pump stations. An 18% instant fuel discount is also applied when you spend. The DBS Esso card automatically enrols you into Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme, where drivers obtain 2.4% additional fuel savings.

What’s more, Smiles private-hire drivers utilising the DBS Esso card can benefit from an additional 8% rebate on nett fuel spend from June to August 2020, and 6% from September to December 2020.

A no-frills card that rewards you exclusively at Esso stations.

Shell – Citibank Cash Back Card

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Other than the 8% cashback on daily spendings for dining and groceries, worldwide, cardholders of the Citibank cash back card get to enjoy up to 20.88% fuel savings at Esso and Shell stations. No frowns even if you are not near either of the stations as you will be able to obtain 8% cash back at other petrol stations, worldwide.

Sinopec – OCBC 365 Credit Card

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Rejoice, OCBC cardholders! Simply owning an OCBC card allows you to enjoy savings of up to 20% at Sinopec pump stations. To obtain greater savings, utilise your OCBC 365 credit card for up to 24% fuel savings.

SPC – UOB One Card

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Pump and save up to 24% with the UOB One card and SPC&U card at SPC petrol stations. Additionally, SPC is currently having its SAF Day promotion whereby national servicemen with a UOB One card can enjoy up to 30.2% off from 29 June to 3 July 2020.

Visit SPC in your uniform or flash your 11B, SAFRA or HomeTeamNS card when making payment with your UOB One credit or debit card.

If you already own a credit card that is not in our compiled, non-exhaustive list for great savings, do not rush to apply for a new one as petrol companies typically have loyalty reward programmes which still garner you savings.

For drivers who are looking to apply for a new card suited to your needs, be sure to check out other cards provided and the cashback cap along with your monthly expenditure to determine which card may be best for you, as you enjoy fuel discounts.

Enjoy savings with your petrol expenses with the right credit card today!

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