Driving Manoeuvres You Should Know

Besides learning the basic skills of driving during your driving test, it is also important to pick up some useful driving manoeuvres that are likely to come in handy when you are on the roads.

Here are some driving manoeuvres that you should know!

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Source: PassMeFast

When you find yourself needing to head in the opposite direction of a narrow road, you may need to reverse into a side road to get to the other lane. Here is how you can perform this manoeuvre:

  1. Stop your vehicle on the left side of the road
  2. Drive past the corner, with ample distance away from the curb
  3. Once the road is clear, reverse until you see the corner of the curb in your left side mirror
  4. While steering left, reverse into the corner until your vehicle is fully parallel to the new road curb


Source: Top Gear Philippines

Sometimes, there may not be a side road for you to get to the opposite lane, and a U-turn is almost impossible for you to perform. That is when a three-point turn would come in handy! There are three points that you would need to complete this turn, as suggested by its name.

POINT 1: Lock your steering wheel to the right and move forward slowly until just before the curb

POINT 2: Put the steering wheel on full lock to the left and start reversing until just before the curb

POINT 3: With your steering wheel turned right, move forward slowly until the entire vehicle is on the opposite lane

Be sure to conduct a three-point turn only when the roads are clear!

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Source: Direct Auto

One last important skill to learn is how to merge into lanes. Whether on the highway or a multi-lane road, learning how to merge lanes properly is useful for your safe, everyday driving.

  1. Slow down and signal to drivers on the lane you are about to merge into
  2. Check your mirrors to look for oncoming traffic and a find a comfortable gap to merge
  3. Merge into the lane with your signal on till your entire vehicle is in the lane

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