Foreigners To Pay For Mandatory COVID-19 Quarantine After Entering Malaysia From June 1

Travelling to Malaysia isn’t as affordable as it was before. According to the media briefing on May 20, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Minister of Defence of Malaysia, foreigners are required to sign a letter of agreement before entering the country and bear the total cost of hotel accommodation when they are quarantined upon arrival from June 1.

In addition, the Immigration Department will also ensure that airline companies check whether these forms are submitted by passengers before and after boarding the aircraft.

The latest policy applies to Malaysians as well. Locals will only pay for half of the accommodation while the government grants the other half, the New Straits Times reported.

As stated by The Star, the full cost of quarantine is RM150 (S$48.86) per day, bringing the total cost for all 14 days to RM2,100 (S$684.02). This is a cost that will remain constant across all hotels, regardless of their star rating.

In elaborating for the implementation of these measures, Ismail Sabri added: “Many permanent resident pass holders who married a Malaysian, and are required to undergo compulsory quarantine, had refused to pay the cost for hotel accommodation. Now, we want them to sign the agreement letter before they are allowed to return and enter the country, so that they are clear that they are the ones who will have to bear the cost of the hotel accommodation.”

As of May 20, their efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus have been successful with the country reporting less than 50 cases for nine days in a row.

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