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A Malaysian Drives Across 24 Countries To Marry His Fiancée In Germany

How far would you go for love? For one Kuala Lumpur native, a 25,000 kilometre drive across 24 countries over a span of 98 days to marry his fiancée in Germany. 

Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan began his adventure in a Toyota AE86, also known pop-culturally as the ultimate Tofu Car, last Monday (19 August). At present, Hadri is heading towards Sukhothai Thani, a small town about 427 km north of Bangkok on the River Yom.

A write-up of this romance was published by Hadri’s friend and fellow car enthusiast, Lim Wai Hong, on his Facebook page. Lim shared that the 34-year-old met his fiancée in Germany during a work trip in 2007. Two years later, Hadri flew back to Germany and confessed his love for her with a stalk of rose and letter. After a few years into their relationship, he proposed to her.

“He wants to show his fiancée he is doing this for her and it’s how much he’s willing to sacrifice — it’s a beautiful story,” Lim told Malay Mail when contacted.

On behalf of his friend, Lim added that Hadri’s father helped his son to plan the driving routes and calculate the petrol consumption and mileage required to complete the journey.

The trip, christened The Retro Havoc Motorsport World Tour will also be promoting Visit Malaysia Year 2020 (VM2020) at each destination during the expedition’s 98-day journey.

Tourism Malaysia assisted Hadri and his two co-drivers with visa-related matters to ease their expedition which was planned a year ago. According to a Bernama news report, the estimated cost of the tour is RM250,000 and Hadri received sponsorship from several parties.

You can follow Hadri’s journey across the globe on his Instagram account.

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