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Michael Schumacher: His Collection Of Supercars


Michael Schumacher dominated the Formula One scene for 17 years until his retirement in 2012. The German has a joint record of seven World Drivers’ Championship titles. At his retirement, Michael also held the most Grand Prix wins, a staggering 91 victories. But then his world catastrophically changed just over a year after he retired from racing.

Today, we look at what cars Michael owned off the track, although most are rather unreported due to the private life he prefers to live.

Bugatti EB110 SS

Michael Schumacher: His Collection Off The Grid

It’s said that Schumacher rarely used the car while it was in his possession. It later swapped hands and was put up for sale in 2010 with only 2875 miles on it. Maybe due to the lack of time he has given his intense competitive schedule. On the other hand, we managed to find some time to show you how the Bugatti Showroom looks like here in Singapore.

Ferrari FXX

Michael Schumacher: His Collection Off The Grid

Ferrari produced only 30 FXXs, and Michael owns one of them. This car was given as a gift after Schumacher’s retirement in the year 2006. This V12 has a top speed of 391 km/hr. His personal logo was specially customized on the seats, and it cost the Italian company around USD$2.1 million.

If you too are into Italians, check out our review on these two beauties.

Ferrari 599 GTB

Michael Schumacher: His Collection Off The Grid

Yes, another Ferrari, you must be thinking. Well, I’m not surprised. The Ferrari 599 is another super cool horse in Michael Schumacher garage. This beauty is priced at USD$410,000. This has to be one of the coolest cars in his garage after the FXX.

Had Michael not suffer that freak accident back in 2013, I’m sure he would’ve gone on to own a lot more Ferraris. The family has never revealed the true extent of his injuries, which keeps the star out of public view.

If you too are a Ferrari head like the seven-time champion Michael, head on to our Marketplace and check out our lovely podium finish lined up for you.

Michael Schumacher: His Collection Of Supercars

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