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Phase 2 FAQ: What Drivers Can And Cannot Do

As of Friday, 19th June 2020, Singapore has officially moved into Phase 2 of reopening under the government’s post-circuit breaker safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a car owner or buyer, you might have some concerns about how this will affect you as our country begins to resume activities safely.

If you are concerned about COE bidding, ERP charges, car insurance or more, we’ve got you covered in this comprehensive Q&A.

Q: Will COE bidding resume? If so, When?

A: Yes. Certificate of Entitlement (COE) bidding will resume on Monday, 6 July 2020, according to a news release by the  Land Transport Authority (LTA). It will close on Wednesday 8 July 2020, at 4 pm. The bidding will resume according to the pre-circuit breaker schedule, found here.

Q: If I want to buy a car, can I go to a car showroom?

A: Yes, you can. As of the start of Phase 2, all car showrooms are allowed to open. However, be reminded to maintain safe distancing, and wear a mask when doing so!

If you intend to book a test drive, be sure to follow our comprehensive guide to test drives so you can do so as efficiently and safely as possible.

Alternatively, you can buy both new and used cars from the comfort of your home on our online marketplace.

Q: My car is due for inspection, what should I do?

A: Private car inspections have resumed as of 8 June 2020. If you are a private car owner and your scheduled date for vehicle inspection was previously deferred as per LTA’s announcement, you should have received a notification to send your car for inspection.

Q: Have ERP charges resumed?

A: As of yet, no. ERP charges are suspended until 28 June 2020. LTA will review these charges mid-June, and should any changes be made, they will come into effect on 29 June 2020 onwards.

UPDATE: The LTA has announced an extension of ERP charge suspension to 26 July 2020.

Q: Can I wash my car?

A: Yes. If you intend on getting your car professionally washed, you’ll be pleased to know that retail businesses, including car wash and grooming services, are now allowed to resume operations from 19 June 2020 onwards. 

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If you intend to wash your car yourself, do wear a mask as it is not considered a strenuous activity.

Q: Can I attend driving lessons?

A: Yes. Driving schools can now resume business and conduct practical lessons. Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre and Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) will re-open from June 22.

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Q: Are carpooling services allowed?

A: Yes, they are. You may now carpool with friends and family, at a maximum number of 5 people in a group. 

Carpool trips made through official ride-hailing platforms and other licensed private hire drivers are now allowed, however, informal paid carpooling services such as those made through chat groups are still not allowed.

Q: Can I drive to Malaysia?

A: Unfortunately, no. Malaysia’s Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) is still in effect until 31 August 2020 at the least. In line with associated border measures, borders will remain closed for the duration of the RMCO.

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If you are a Malaysian driver in Singapore, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) is automatically extended until September 2020.


As we settle into Phase 2, it is important to keep safety our priority even though restrictions have been lifted. Stay safe on the road, and practise good hygiene and social distancing if you are meeting others.

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