Rental Cars Made Contactless With Igloohome’s Smart Keybox 3

Keybox 3: The “out of box” experience. Image Source: igloohomeLock boxes have created tremendous contactless convenience and reliability for users. We understand the hassle of having to arrange a physical meetup just to hand over the access keys and more often than not, this happens frequently for rental companies. A local born and bred startup, igloohome, has the perfect solution to help car rental companies conduct their business more seamlessly.

Essentially, the Keybox 3 is a lock box that stores keys, access cards and more, for easy retrieval. With the Keybox 3, which minimizes interaction between car rental companies and their users, particularly functional during the current coronavirus pandemic, you no longer have to be on your toes and squeezing in time just to meet to hand over the car keys.

For car rental companies and their users, the Keybox 3 is simple and efficient to use. Just drop the desired car key into Keybox 3 and lock it onto your door knobs or handles!

Weighing just a kilogram, Keybox 3 measures 114mm wide, 166 in height and 53mm in depth. Keybox 3 operates on 4 AAA alkaline batteries and has an intuitive audio and LED visual alert to prompt you to have the batteries replaced before they drain out. To safeguard a situation of drained batteries, you can easily jumpstart the lock box with a USB-C cable and a power bank. The keypads of Keybox 3 will be disabled after several incorrect attempts, which prevents those who try their luck at unlocking.

Furthermore, you may enter random digits before the actual password to avoid curious onlookers. The auto relock function also gives you a peace of mind as you no longer have to wonder if you have remembered to lock it.

Image Source: igloohomeUnlike conventional lock boxes, igloohome’s mobile app allows you to track dates and times of when the keybox was accessed.

Ultimately, the Keybox 3 is designed to make your lives easier, safer and smarter. That is why it comes packed with these features to strike the right balance between security and convenience:

1. Contactless

Image Source: igloohome

Bid farewell to formal or awkward physical meetups for key handovers, Keybox 3 has not just one, but two different ways you can unlock the box with. To open Keybox 3, you can utilise igloohome’s companion app via Bluetooth or a generated PIN code that will allow you and the driver to easily retrieve keys from the box.

To facilitate a secure and convenient use of PIN codes, you may choose to create permanent, time-sensitive, one-time or a recurring PIN. Rest assured that no internet is required for you to lock or unlock Keybox 3, including the syncing of access codes in offline mode. Access can be granted to your drivers without having to be near the lock box.

2. Spaciousness

Image Source: igloohomeGiven its inner storage space of 108mm by 87mm and 27mm, rental companies can fit a maximum of three car key fobs into the box while still leaving room for the driver to include cash payment. In comparison to other Bluetooth lock boxes in the market, the Keybox 3 has 50% more storage space.

3. Weather-resistant  

Image Source: igloohome

Come rain or shine, Keybox 3 is there for you and your drivers. Tested to withstand dust and light rain (IP66 certified), it’s built with heavy-duty materials to ensure durability and resistance to impact.

On top of the aforementioned impressive features, the Keybox 3 can double up as a padlock and comes in two shackle sizes. With shackles made of hardened steel and rubberised, securing the lock box will not result in surface scratches. Optimised for shackling on door knobs, handles and even fences, no installation woes of alteration is required.

With a 24/7 key retrieval smart lock, take no compromise on a seamless and contactless customer service provided. Designed in Singapore and manufactured in Shenzhen, the Keybox 3 is available islandwide in physical stores of our distributors and online for you to shop with ease!

For more information about igloohome, visit their website or join the conversation on their Facebook and Instagram page.

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