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10 Rising Local Automotive Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Singapore may not be the ideal location for fast cars and racing, but we do have our share of luxury and exotic cars. What better way to celebrate these cars than to snap photos and post it online for all of eternity? 100% fueled by passion, we present to you a list of budding automotive Instagram accounts and a short interview with the ones who have been frantically chasing after these cars with their cameras. 

In alphabetical order of Instagram handles, we have:

Emotional Car Spotting SG (@carchngsg)

Singapore?s Top 10 Rising Automotive Instagram Accounts To Follow: carchngsg

An account featuring unique and, or, vintage cars. @Carchngsg (who wants to be known only by his Instagram handle), started his account to highlight and encourage a deeper appreciation and love of cars amongst Singaporeans, and also to share photos of cars that people would be shy to share themselves. This account has been running since August 2018 but already has 1,431 followers!

Sharing with us that running this account has not always been easy, @carchngsg shared that in the beginning, he would get rude and discouraging comments on his Instagram posts. Giving the analogy that he is shooting photos of someone else?s lover, just to have other criticise the lover without sparing a thought that although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the phrasing of the comments could have been more carefully crafted to avoid hurting the parties involved (i.e. the owner and the car).

Official CSSG (@carspottersofsingapore)


Image Source: @hugo_lka

A passion project started in 2014 by Ian (@iwphotoworks) and Djibril (@djlpictures), to create an island-wide community of carspotters in Singapore. They started off with 2 founders and 5 members and have now grown to 1,431 followers and a WhatsApp chat of over 70 members. Anyone interested can DM them to join the community-run WhatsApp chat! This Instagram account is a platform to showcase the work of not only the admins, but the works of others as well.

Joschin Foong (@chinstiangrey)

Image Source: @teegongborpi

Joschin started this Instagram account by collaborating with other photographers and arranging for shoots with his friends who owned luxury cars. The photos on his account aAll cars featured on his account either used to be under his, his friends, or the other photographers’ ownership. He now owns the 1998 Skyline and enjoys bringing it around Singapore for shoots.

Unlike the other account owners on this list, Joschin is not a photographer but posts photos of shoots that he organises. Actively building the automotive community by connecting like-minded Singaporeans. The UCARS team is truly thankful for his contribution to this article and for providing us contacts for photographers. Thanks Joschin!

Jamie (@cpixls)

Growing up with a dad who always brought him to car shows and bought him car magazines, Jamie’s interest in cars was sparked at a very young age. Although based in Singapore, he truly has his eyes open during his travels and has content from Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The focus of his automotive photography surrounds shiny sports cars but with glamour comes grime and Jamie has witnessed a Cup Grand Touring Car catch flames. If you’re keen to see how that looks like, head over to his account and check out his post on 11 August 2018! 

Djibril Lim (@djlpictures)

Co-founder of OfficialCSSG (@carspottersofsingapore), Djibril’s interests are in supercars and sports cars. His interest in cars led him to find many other automotive photographers on Instagram. Having a desire to create a page similar to those he admired, he created @djlpictures in 2014 and eventually founded OfficialCSSG in 2017. Now, he spends his free time, he goes car spotting around the island and attends car events.

Ian Wee (@iwphotoworks)

top singapore instagram automotive accounts to follow: ian wee

Co-founder of OfficialCSSG (@carspottersofsingapore), Ian is always on the lookout for photoshoot collaborations. So if you’re looking to get some sick shots taken of your sweet ride, hit him up! Check out his Instagram story highlights for high definition content you can use for your phone wallpaper!

Zong Jin (@phutomobiles)

Sharing his passion for cars through clicks, Zong Jin has been sharing photos of automobiles since 2018. Having a burning interest for cars and their aesthetics, and discovering new things on shoots such as an owners’ unique love for their cars spurs him on in the automotive photography field. He aims to share this love with the public in his journey to finding his own distinctive style.

Stick_Shift_Studioz (@stick_shift_studioz)

stick_shift_studiozUnlike many others, @stick_shift_studioz was not born with a talent for photography. He says, “I could not even take a proper picture with my phone and had no clue on how to operate a DSLR.” He watched countless of YouTube videos on how to photograph automobiles, practiced, and practiced some more. Eventually, he decided to start @stick_shift_studioz to share his sightings of exotic cars with the world of petrol heads. He prefers to shoot using natural light as that gives him more to work with to display his style of edits. Now, he provides photography sessions for car owners who are looking to have their ride framed up on their walls.

We hope that his story can motivate those who are interested to pick up a skill but feel lacking in talent!

William (@william__tqw)

Singapore?s Top 10 Rising Automotive Instagram Accounts To Follow

After snapping some photos at a car meet (Meet The Rides) in 2018, William started his own account to share with the world his personal passion for cars. His aim is to shoot photos that will make people go “Woah, that’s a nice car!”. Ever since, he has been shooting for owners as a hobby. William shares with us that a difficulty he faces is the saturation of the car photography scene and how everyone is trying to get a share of the pie. However, he believes that with consistent effort, he will be able to conquer the tough challenges and stand out from the crowd one day!

Zed (@zedwork)


Growing up in the outskirts of the city, supercars were not a common sight for Zed. In August 2015, he laid his eyes on a fleet of supercars parked at Millenia Walk. His mind went wild and from that moment, he began photographing every supercar he came across. The first few months were rough and creating an online presence was difficult. His lack of experience in photography garnered a torrent of criticism and many people told him to quit.

Inspired by Alex Penfold and Ivan Orlov, Zed says that “Their style of editing brings out the very essence of each…car and showcases [them] in the best light possible.” He also says that “[cars] are so much more than metals shells with wheels. They spark inspiration and creativity.” What captivates him the most is the unique aesthetic of cars which can be simultaneously beautiful and functional. Going against the odds, it has been 4 years since he first began and he is still doing what he loves – photographing cars.

Support local talent and check out these automotive Instagram accounts for a visual feast!

A big thanks to all the accounts featured for taking time to let UCARS get to know more about their story.

Want more articles like this one? Let us know in the comments section which other automotive Instagram accounts you would like us to interview next! Or shoot us a DM at our Instagram @ucarssg.

All photos are shot, edited, and owned by the respective Instagram account owners unless otherwise stated.

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