Ronaldo’s Car Collection: As Fancy As His Feet

CR7 Chiron

Like it or not, I’m sure that all you’ve heard over the last month is the name ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’. Excitement levels have reached fever pitch since the Portuguese superstar confirmed he would be donning the famous red of Manchester United once again.

With a net worth of 500 million and a ginormous fan following around the globe, Ronaldo is one of the few people in the world who’ve got it all. Last night’s two-goal hero is also a massive petrolhead at heart, something clearly evident in his collection of cars. Today, we take a look at the extravagant vehicles owned by the man dubbed ‘CR7’.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Ronaldo's Car Collection

Ronaldo had owned a Rolls-Royce Ghost since 2014 during his days in a Real Madrid shirt. But the first Rolls-Royce Ghost Cristiano’s was white and grey, while the one recently seen is black and grey. It’s unclear if the star footballer has painted his old Ghost a new shade or just a new vehicle for his collection. All I can say is that you don’t have to be Manchester United’s new number seven to own it, as CarBuyer covers what you need to know right here.

McLaren Senna

Ronaldo's Car Collection

The McLaren Senna is the ultimate track car that’s still legal enough for public roads. Only 500 units of the Senna were built, and the third highest-paid athlete in the world is behind one of the famous owners. His spec is finished in a combination of silver and polished carbon with red accents. Ronaldo has been pictured a few times cruising the car in Lisbon, Portugal. Speaking of cruising, we’ve covered a story of another McLaren, and the price might shock you.


Ronaldo's Car Collection

Only 450 Veyron 16.4 Grand Sports were built, so of course, Ronaldo wanted a slice of that rarity pie. It cost him £1.7m and will only increase in value as the years go by. The Portuguese superstar bought the car as a treat after winning the Euro 2016 championship with his country.

In terms of performance, it does 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds, pretty much the same speed his free-kicks fly at. Well, we don’t have the car to show you as it’s a left-hand drive, and Singapore roads are built for right-handed drivers. But check out our exclusive tour of the first Bugatti showroom here in Southeast Asia.

Mercedes Benz S65 AMG Coupe


Ronaldo is cautious about projecting an image of power and control on or off the field, and this hulking beast fits right into that profile. The coupe packs the trademark S-Class luxury in a two-seater body. Although we didn’t review the Coupe, we had a look at the S-class saloon and boy. It is selling like hotcakes.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

CR7 cars

This particular car was delivered to Cristiano way before most other 911 Turbo owners got their facelifted ones. Fame does, of course, have its perks, and this is certainly one of them. Throughout the years, Ronaldo was spotted in many exotic cars. From the likes of Maseratis to Bentleys, Ferraris, Lambos and even Bugattis. With that in mind, the 911 Turbo S should fit right into his personal collection. As you take the time to wipe that drool off your face, perhaps you might want to check the new 911 GTS models that have landed on our shores.


CR7 Bugatti

Ronaldo is obviously spoilt for choices for cars, knowing he earns GBP 26 million a year. Unlike him, most of us average joes tend to live within our means. Spending your money wisely is always the best approach, and our Marketplace has exactly that to offer.

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