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The Karting Arena: How To Beat Your Friends On The Track


SINGAPORE – With our annual Singapore Grand Prix race given the red flag, professional and leisure karters can now enjoy The Karting Arena’s second track, now located in Jurong. Thinking of making your friends eat some dirt? We bring you useful tips on how to outdrive your buddies and set an impressive lap time on the karting track.

Study the circuit

Photos by: Lionel Kong

A common mistake is to think that the tighter lines are the fastest to hug when turning, well it’s not. The 700m long track features an impressive 11 technical turns. You should be well aware of the corners that will be requiring more attention. Here’s a tip: the smaller arc isn’t going to make you faster. Opting for the smaller arc when making a turn will only result in your kart losing speed. Take the bigger arc and approach the out-in-out method when you find yourself up around the bends.

Always control your throttle

The Karting Arena

For those throttle-happy people, take it easy. Controlling your throttle is very important as it helps you understand how yoVidur kart behaves. Remember, as much as you should be enjoying an adrenaline-pumping race experience that is fast yet fun. It would be best if you never compromised your safety. Always be in control of your kart, and if you happen to lose control, don’t panic. Just keep your foot off the throttle.

Never brake too late

Strategise your race

Perhaps most Hollywood movies would beg to differ but never brake on the turns. Chances are it would cause your kart to skid. Instead, complete your braking on the straight before making the turn, especially sharp ones. This would prevent your wheels from locking and losing out to a potential podium finish amongst your mates.

Look where you are turning

The Karting Arena

Look up the next 10 to 15 metres of what’s ahead of you. That would give you more time to preamp yourself as The Karting Arena boasts an impressive 11 technical turns. What you don’t want to do is misread a bend and flicking your kart into the corner. When you flick your kart, you basically overload it, producing excessive friction. And on these low powered karts, they are extremely light. Yes, lightweight means perfect for travelling at fast speeds but also a hazard when you make sudden sharp turns while cornering.

Plan your race

The Karting Arena

Lastly, plotting a good race strategy could be the deciding factor in you receiving bragging rights as this is the only karting arena in Singapore offering a minimum track width of 10 metres. That being said, you will have ample overtaking opportunities to take on the wider straights as you put your pedal to the metal.

Now you must be wondering what prices are, and we got it all down for you! It starts from S$25 per session (min. 9 years old and 140cm) and S$35 per session for adults.

Operating Hours are 1 PM – 9 PM from Tuesdays to Fridays and 9 AM – 9 PM on weekends. Don’t forget to bring your valid drivers’ license for those keen on selecting the 50km/h karts. Happy karting, people!

Address: Block B, 511 Upper Jurong Road Singapore 638366

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