5 Of The Tightest Car Parks In Singapore

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Manoeuvring tight spaces is not an easy feat – that is why tight car parks are a driver’s worst nightmare. Due to limited land in Singapore, coming across a narrowly-built car park is far from uncommon. In this article, we squeeze in 5 of the tightest car parks in Singapore you should avoid (or try out, if you want a challenge).


Bugis Junction


How sharp are you when it comes to steering? Let the Bugis Junction car park be the judge of that. One of its entrances requires drivers to make an almost 90 degree sharp turn, and up a slope too. Once you are in, you need to make another sharp turn to get into the basement car park. Miss the sharp turn, and you will come face-to-face with the exit instead.


Golden Mile Complex Car Park Entrance

Source: LHN Parking

Afraid of missing your movie at The Projector? Be careful not to miss the sharp turns and high speed bumps at the Golden Mile Complex car park. This old dimly-lit car park makes driving a blind challenge and a potential hazard to your undercarriage if your car has low clearance. Not to mention, the sheer narrowness of the parking lots may even force you to take up two lots if you drive a larger vehicle.

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With plenty of narrow turns, you know that you are definitely in for a hard time. Novena Square is known for its tight corners and turning radiuses – not forgetting some awkward lots that make entering and exiting challenging. Be prepared for many blind spots caused by the sheer amount of pillars everywhere when navigating through this labyrinth.


Orchard Central Car Park

Source: Foursquare

As if the spiraling ramp is not nauseating enough, Orchard Central car park brings drivers anxiety with its narrow ramps. With barely sufficient space to fit your car widthwise, turning and manoeuvring are made extra difficult, especially for new drivers.


Looks can be deceiving, as hidden dangers may be lurking around the corner. For those who are unfamiliar with Shenton House, the car park may seem like a walk in the park. The problem comes when you are on the mezzanine levels, due to how narrow the entrance/exit lanes are. You may see your car getting dangerously close to the walls, or even mirror-to-mirror with oncoming vehicles.


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