The Top 5 Family-friendly Cars in Singapore

You may have been making do with your old tin can car as a single person or a couple, but when you have a family in tow, your car has to change to keep up with your lifestyle. Choosing a car becomes much more than the trendiest colour schemes or the latest tech gadgets as more practical concerns such as safety and spaciousness take centre stage.

We know that being a parent is stressful enough by itself, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 family-friendly cars for you and your family.

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Honda Fit/Jazz

Who should drive it? 

Young parents looking for an affordable and practical car.

The Honda Fit or Jazz is known for being affordable, spacious, and practical. Do not let its small size fool you, it packs a roomy interior. It also boasts the largest amount of boot capacity in its class at 363 litres, which can be extended to a whopping 1881 litres in the latest model. 

Despite its affordability, the Honda Fit/Jazz does not compromise on its safety features which are key when it comes to selecting a family car. The Fit/Jazz has a number of safety features such as stability assist and brake systems, with the latest models featuring active headrests to guard against neck injury and pedestrian protection systems.

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Mitsubishi Outlander

Image source: Mitsubishi Motors

Who should drive it?

Larger families looking for a comfortable and tech-loaded car.

This 7-seater SUV is one that says family car from hood to rear. This car is perfect for larger families who like having versatile seating arrangements. The middle row features a 60:40 configuration and can be slid 250mm forward so that getting into the third row is a breeze. In the third row is a comfortably padded rear that has reclining capabilities. Did we mention that both rows can be folded down to add storage space? 

In addition, technological features are aplenty in the Outlander. Other than its plethora of safety features, it has an extensive infotainment system equipped with Apple CarPlay™and Android Auto™ to keep kids entertained on those long car rides.

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Volvo XC-40

Image source: Car and Driver

Who should drive it?

Parents who value safety as their number one priority.

Volvo’s XC-40 holds true to Volvo’s reputation for manufacturing family cars with the highest standard of safety. This 5-seater has a large amount of storage space throughout the car and an extremely practical interior that seems designed around parenthood. 

Its safety features leave little to be desired, with essentials such as anti-whiplash systems, anti-lock brakes, an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used, and a jaw-dropping number of airbags that protect you from every angle.

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Image source: DriveMag

Who should drive it?

Smaller families looking for a luxury family car.

The A-Class is as stylish as it is practical. This vehicle is perfect for the urban family who like to travel in style but also appreciates the latest in tech upgrades. 

This five-door family hatchback has a luxurious interior that is just as comfortable as it looks, and packs an impressive number of upmarket technology that is sure to keep your family entertained at all times. The A-Class is also quite easy to drive, with good grip and body control. The car also reacts easily to steering input, meaning that busy mums will not have to tire themselves out even more while driving. Not compromising on safety, safety organisation Euro NCAP awarded the A-Class with the maximum five-star rating.

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Honda Odyssey

Image source: Car and Driver

Who should drive it?

Larger families who need a car that blends utility with comfort and style.

The Honda Odyssey is a favourite among families for being a jack of all trades. It has everything a family would want: functionality, safety, comfort, and state-of-the-art technology. 

The latest Odyssey has a slew of family-essential technological features such as charging ports at every seat and sliding center row seats, with some features such as the cabin watch that allows you to check on passengers in the rear from a camera in your infotainment system touch screen being a godsend for the parent with many little ones in tow.

This MPV is also packed with standard safety features from the Honda Sensing safety package, meaning that you can put your mind at ease when commuting with your kids.

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Looking for the perfect family car?

At the end of the day, it is crucial to consider a number of makes and models before making your final decision. After all, you want a family car that can be there for you and your little ones as they grow up.

That is we hope that this list of the top 5 family cars has helped you identify what kind of family car is best for you. If any of these cars has caught your eye, you can find them right on the UCARS online car marketplace along with hundreds of other new and used cars listed by our trusted dealers as well as direct sellers. Who knows? Your dream car may be just a few clicks away.

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