UCARS Father’s Day Gift Guide

As Singapore enters the second phase of its reopening, there is still enough time to do some last-minute shopping for the car enthusiast dad in your life with Father’s Day around the corner. It is hard to narrow down the perfect gift ideas, especially for a man who already has everything. So, the trick here is finding a gift for him that will cater to his love for cars. Check out our Father’s Day gift guide that adequately expresses your gratitude and love for your pops!

1. Car Grooming

The circuit breaker that has left your dad’s car idling in the car park most of the time, definitely deserves a good groom at the car workshop. Offering to take the car for grooming or simply surprising him with an appointment at the workshop and paying for it will be quite a sparkly delight for him.

2. Car Washing

Image Source: Toyota of Clermont

Joining or taking over his usual weekend car wash routine is not only inexpensive, or free, but it also allows you quality bonding time over a shared activity. Alternatively, you could present him with car washing tools such as a pressure washer or an automated wheel-cleaning brush for more effective future car washes, especially for areas hard to reach. Get the wheel brush here.

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3. Car-branded Clothing

Image Source: Pintrest

A simple car-designed tee or classic vintage clothing from the particular car brand that your dad loves will no doubt have him wearing it frequently. Get it here.

4. Accessories

Image Source: Morgan Motor

Owning accessories of his favourite car brands like phone casing and watch straps will surely make him feel well-complemented. Complete the entire gadget look with a pair of car-branded sunglasses, handy for driving down the sunny roads of Singapore. Get them here.

5. Driving Shoes

Image Source: Amazon

Donning a good pair of driving shoes not only ensures safety with the enhanced grip on the pedals, but also elevates the driving experience. However, if your dad is a man of superstitions, do be careful with shoe gifting! Get the Sperry Gold Cup Driving shoes here.

6. Bluetooth Key Finder


Image Source: Amazon

As keys, including car keys, are easily misplaced given its size, having a bluetooth key finder will quickly locate where it is. Simply attach the Bluetooth tracker to the keys and it will utilise Bluetooth Low Energy to wirelessly connect to your device. No more muddle-headed moments for your dad, trying hard to remember where he last placed those keys! Get the key finder here.

7. LEGO Car Sets

Image Source: Toys “R” Us

LEGO car sets make pretty good gifts for car enthusiasts as its details are in-depth and intricate to admire and build at the same time. Upon completion of putting together thousands of pieces, the final product to be displayed brings sheer satisfaction. Get the Lego car sets here.

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8. Automotive Reads

Image Source: Book Depository

If you dad is someone who enjoys reading or browsing through information on cars, getting him a book or magazine on cars could be ideal, especially with the work-from-home lifestyle. Get the Top Gear Dream Car book here.

If all else fails, a personalized card with an image or drawing of his favourite car design would still make him feel special. After all, every father will appreciate all of the thoughtful ideas made specific to him.

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