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UCARS: The Ultimate Guide To Listing Your Car

Selling your car? Look no further, listing with us has never been simpler with just 5 easy steps! We bring you our step-by-step guide from account creation to your ready-to-go listed cars on our marketplace.

Step 1: Dealer Account Creation

Registering an account and listing with us are completely FREE. To get started, sign up as a dealer and prepare to fill in your required details. They include:

  1. Email
  2. Desired Username
  3. Company Name
  4. Company Address
  5. Company UEN Number
  6. Company Contact Number
  7. Desired Account Password
  8. Your Company Logo/Storefront Image

Step 2: Dealer Account Approval

After your account has been created, you may sit back for a bit as our UCARS representative processes your application. Rest assured, it will take less than 24 hours and a UCARS personnel will contact you once your account is approved.

Step 3: Logging Into Your Account

Upon approval, simply login with your account credentials and start listing.

Step 4: List Your Car

Here comes the most important part and our objective of creating a dealer account – Car listing.


Under your car listing, click on “ADD CAR” and select the type of car (New or Used car) you will be listing.

After selecting the type of car to be listed, fill up the details for the advertisement. Next, upload your flattering images of the car, ensuring that they are of at least 350×265.

Do also ensure that there is a minimum of 1 image with your car number plate displayed, and it must be clearly visible. This is for the UCARS team to do a proper verification of your cars, to provide the most accurate information for your customers.After which, input the salesperson and contact number to clinch more deals for any interested buyers!

If you have more than one car to list, you may do so by simply repeating Step 4. Be sure to add as much relevant information as you can so as to help interested parties in their purchase decision.

Step 5: Submit car listing for approval

Upon submission of your car listing, kindly allow us 1 to 2 business days for approval. You will receive a notification on the dashboard and via your registered email, as soon as your listing has been approved.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to buying and selling cars. To facilitate a faster approval on our end, be sure to fill up all the required details and provide clear images when listing.

As pictures are worth a thousand words, upload the best pictures of your car or upload a video. Having many salespersons and contact numbers available on your listing may not be ideal as too many cooks can spoil the soup – All you need is your best salesperson and you will be on your way to seal the deal! Lastly, always keep your listings up to date.

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