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Bentley Driver Arrested Over Security Officer Incident

SINGAPORE — Money might get you a nice car, but it sure doesn’t pay to be kind. Multiple videos circulated online yesterday (11 January) involving a Bentley and a school security officer outside Red Swastika School.

Video via Mothership reader

In the video, the driver is seen trying to enter the school while he was being stopped by the security officer. A passenger was outside the car holding a phone while talking to a school staff.

As the passenger entered the Bentley, the driver began moving the car forward despite the presence of the security officer in front. The officer can be seen nearly losing his balance as the Bentley drove forward. It remains unclear why the driver wanted to force his way into the school.

Despite having a valid label to enter the school, the Bentley inconsiderately cut the queue of waiting cars. Traffic in the area was held up for 15 minutes before the school staff gave up and allowed entry to the 61-year-old driver.

After investigation, it is reported that the Bentley car plate number could not be found on the OneMotoring website, suggesting it is an invalid licence plate.

Education minister Chan Chun Sing took to FaceBook his views on the situation. He commented on the “unacceptable behaviour” of a driver for the “dangerous manoeuvres” against a security officer and a school staff at a school. He also added in his statement that his ministry is looking into the case.

Bentley Driver Nearly Runs Over School's Security Officer

A police report has been lodged by the Union of Security Employees (USE).

The driver has since been arrested. In a statement, the police said a 61-year-old man has been arrested for rash act causing hurt while the 62-year-old security guard sustained minor injuries, according to media reports.

The President of the Security Association Singapore, Raj Joshua Thomas, said the SAS is aware that a police report has been made and will leave it to the police to take the necessary action.

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