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Is Jaywalking Really Worth The Risk?

Jaywalking is an offence in Singapore. Pedestrians crossing roads without using designated crossing facilities or marked intersections will be fined S$50 for blatantly breaking the law. Repeat offenders could even be charged S$1,000 and sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of three months.

Despite these consequences, some pedestrians still continue to show a total disregard for the law, not to mention their safety.

On July 22, a pedestrian was flung onto a car when she was hit by a black Toyota while crossing Balestier Road at 5:29pm. According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the woman suffered minor injuries and refused to be taken to the hospital. 

The 26-second video, which was shared a day later, gathered over 34,000 views in less than a week. In the footage, the pedestrian was seen trying to cross the three-lane road when a black Toyota sedan moving in the rightmost lane knocked into her. The woman, who did not use a designated pedestrian crossing, was thrown against a stationary silver car in the middle lane before landing on the road. 

Both drivers subsequently got out of their cars to check on the pedestrian.

Similarly, on July 18, another self-entitled pedestrian was seen crossing the road in front of Balestier Point during a red light, without regard for approaching traffic. In the 22-second video, the man was not only on his phone, but even made various angry gestures and lifted his leg in a kicking gesture towards an oncoming car when the driver honked at him.  

Drivers would not run a red light nor dart their vehicles into an intersection when traffic is coming the other way, so why do some pedestrians feel justified to do so? 

Is the time saved from jaywalking really worth the risk? Please feel free to relay your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Source: Thrivent | Singapore Road Vigilante

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