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Polytechnic Students Can Look Forward To Lower Transport Fares

Remember when SBS Transit and SMRT Trains requested for fare increments which could potentially see bus and train rides costing up to 7 percent more per ride? Yes, it’s been approved.

This is the maximum allowable fare adjustment quantum based on the Council’s fare formula and is also the highest percentage increase in a single Fare Review Exercise (FRE).

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Fortunately, polytechnic students who are pursuing their diploma will be eligible for student transport fare with effect from Dec. 28, 2019. Prior to these recent changes, only primary, secondary, junior college and Institute of Technical Education students were entitled to concessionary fares. Whereas polytechnic students had to pay the normal adult fare unless they purchased a Monthly Concession Pass (MCP).

At the moment, student fares for public transport start at 38 cents and are capped at 59 cents. However, due to the overall 7 percent fare increment that was announced on Tuesday, the amount will be raised by 4 cents each. Hence, with the newly introduced  Diploma Student Concession Card, students will soon be able to pay concessionary fares capped at S$0.63 for each journey, down from the maximum of S$2.17.

For an average journey of 10km, each group of commuters will be paying the following:

  • Senior citizen or person with disabilities: 92 cents (up from 88 cents)
  • Lower-wage worker: 114 cents (up from 110 cents)
  • Primary, secondary, JC, and ITE students: 63 cents (up from 59 cents)
  • Polytechnic and other full-time diploma students: 63 cents (down from S$1.39)
  • Adult: S$1.48 cents (up from S$1.39)

These prices exclude the morning pre-peak discount of up to 50 cents for tapping in at any MRT station before 7:45 am on weekdays, excluding public holidays.

Prices of travel passes will also see an increase in this Fare Review Exercise, with an S$1 to S$5.50 increase for MCPs and the Adult Monthly Travel Passes seeing an S$8 increase.

Here’s a list of the new prices for the MCPs and Adult Monthly Travel Passes:

Bus MCPs

  • Primary students: S$24 (up from S$22.50)
  • Secondary, polytechnic students: S$29 (up from S$27.50)
  • University students and full-time National Servicemen (NSFs): S$55.50 (up from S$52)

Train MCPs

  • Primary students: S$21 (up from S$20)
  • Secondary, polytechnic students: S$26.50 (S$25)
  • University students and NSFs: S$48 (up from S$45)

Hybrid MCPs 

  • Primary students: S$43.50 (up from S$41)
  • Secondary, polytechnic students: S$54 (up from S$51)
  • University students and NSFs: S$90.50 (up from S$85)
  • Adult Monthly Travel Pass: S$128 (up from S$120)
  • Senior citizen Monthly Travel Pass: S$64 (up from S$60)

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