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Public Transport Council To Have Authority To Reign In Overcharging On Ride-Hailing Apps

As of Tuesday August 6, the Public Transport Council (PTC) has been granted more authority to regulate price charging on ride-hailing apps. Under changes to the law that were passed in Parliament last Tuesday, PTC will now have the power to reign in overcharging as well as commuters who evade fares in private-hire cars. The new bill will come into effect in June of next year.

Large street-hail and ride-hail operators, those with at least 800 vehicles in their fleet, will be licensed under the new regulatory framework as set out in the new Point-to-Point (P2P) Passenger Transport Industry Bill. While taxi services were already under PTC regulations that standardised fares, there were no price regulatory rules or laws for private-hire and ride-sharing.

According to Senior Minister of State for Transport Dr Janil Puthucheary, the government will amend the PTC Act in order to extend the PTC regulatory powers to private-hire cars. “Making overcharging and fare evasion offences for trips on private-hire cars will deter such behaviour, and protect both commuters and drivers,” stated Mr Puthucheary.

Source: TODAY Online

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