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How To Rent A Car If You Are Under 25

Singaporeans are legal to join the army and drink alcohol at the age of 18, get married and buy an HDB at 21… you can even own a sword (with a license). Being a young adult comes with its perks and responsibilities- the freedom to breakaway from the nest and explore new territory.

Paradoxically, the term “young adult” means nothing to rental companies. Technically, you are able to rent a car if you are aged 21 and over from most big rental companies, but companies only see those under the age of 25 as breathing high-risk liabilities.

Statistically, those under the age of 25 are more likely to be involved in car crashes than experienced drivers, so car rental companies will charge a Young Renter Fee or almost double the normal fee. Of course, pricing varies depending on which company you choose, but for some you’ll likely be looking somewhere between USD$15-40 surcharge a day. This is especially unfair when you’re also at the age when you’re making the least amount of money in your life.

Corporate Rental Code

If you work for a company, or know someone who does, don’t be afraid to use that code. Usually companies will waive the under 25 fee, even if you’re not traveling for work. Typically, a company’s rental agreement with the rental company does not stipulate any young drivers fee, so it should be waived. If you are also traveling as a government employee or for military contracts, most companies will waive the fee too.

Travel With Someone Over 25

Having some older travel buddies might come in handy when renting a car. Have them rent the car in their name, and then add you as an additional driver. While there might be an extra charge, it will still be cheaper than having to be any under 25 fee.

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