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Mazda 6 2.0A (COE till 08/2024)

Posted on 24/03/2021
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    Axon Automobile
last updated 24/03/2021
Engine: 4 Cylinders Inline 16 Valves DOHC VVT. Power: 111kW (149 Bhp). Torque: 186 Nm. Transmission: 5-speed (A) Activematic. Front Wheel Drive. 
Original Leather Seats. Sports Rims. Fresh Tyres. Cruise Control. Projection Headlights. Auto Fold Mirrors. In-Build Bluetooth Function Head Unit.
3.5 Years COE Left For This Highest Specs Mazda 6 V Model! Midnight Glossy Black Mazda 6 2.0 Luxury Model! First Come First Serve. New HID Headlamp Bulb, New Suspension, New Battery! Wear And Tear Free! High Loan Available! Bad Debt Welcome! Call/WhatsApp For An Appointment!
    Axon Automobile
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